Friday, February 18, 2011


Early Morning Commute

About a year ago one of my watercolor students brought a calendar to class that she thought might interest me.  Her sister is a photographer and lives on a working ranch in Eastern Oregon. These first two paintings were inspired by her photos.  Early Morning Commute was a beautiful painting with the early morning light that she captured.  Her husband is on the horse and starting out on his usual day of work. The painting sold last summer at the Oregon State Fair.

When we go to Hawaii we often go to Parker Ranch which is up on the mountain.  Hawaii has a long history of cattle ranching and hosts a rodeo each year.  We have never been over there for the rodeo but I would love to do that sometime.

This was my first horse painting.  The photo was given to me by the lady at Salem Saturday market who sells me flowers each week.  Her horse had just given birth to this beautiful little filly and she was showing everyone who came to her booth the pictures.  I had just returned from a painting animals workshop with Pat Weaver.  It was perfect timing and inspiration.

Horses and riders are such great subject matter for paintings.  This one was a combination of photos that I took and used together so that the horse has an expression of loyalty.